About Us

Lena and Sofie met through a common interest in matrices and advanced thinking, and complete each other in that Lena loves to climb huge mountains and put out fires, whereas Sofie is more of the ”slow and steady wins the race” kind of person. A dream team made of a starter-uper and an organizing administrating genius!

We spent many months figuring out how to produce the Unipörs so it will be something to answer to most possible needs. We designed many variations, tried them out, and collaborated with factories to bring to you the most perfect result. Every bit of the Unipörs is made with a lot of thought and analysis.

Some argue that Unipörs is not new, that there are many shoulder holsters available. We disagree. We have tried everything on the market, and have not found any accessory that is both: lightweight, elegant, and will not show under your clothes. Also, Unipörs is especially designed to not resemble a weapon holster too much, so you can wear it with a suit or with a gala dress - which cannot be done with the shoulder holsters that are on the market. In addition to all that, Unipörs has a design that is optimized for modern mobile devices and accessories, and made to avoid chafe against your body, or cause sweaty spots anywhere. If there already had been a product like that, we would have bought it! But since there wasn't, we had to design and make this product line ourselves.

Both Lena and Sofie are based in Sweden, however Lena is the one who trots the globe constantly. Both are involved in several other projects, see more info below.


Sofie Molander

Minimalist designer. Organizing consultant.

Lena Padukova

Professional adventurer. Enterprise steering pro. Artist.

Mail: sofie@unipors.se


Organizing services:

Get Your Shit Together .se

CEO, co-founder, partner

Mail: lena@unipors.se

Adventure blog: adrenalena.se

Twitter: @thewicked

Instagram: @adrenalenaadventures

Art: Ateljé Ängsjödal

Board Chairman, Vice president, co-founder, partner